Well we did it. We only went and got ourselves a record label…

Allow us to introduce ourselves… We’re a new little label based in Manchester, UK. We just like good music, and want to put out songs that we love, and hope that you will love them too.

Back in August we stumbled a song from a band in Seattle.  It was one of those songs that immediately makes you fall head over heels for music again, and go reaching into the past for the old favourites from your youth.

This song was ‘Evil’ by BEADS, and is subsequently the first release on ‘everybody’s stalking’. After rolling up our sleeves and actually remembering the meaning of hard work it’s coming it out in May (24th to be exact). BEADS is the brainchild of two Seattle brothers Snow and Garnet Keim. Think Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Velvet Underground and your getting pretty close. Their album ‘No-One Knows’ is out in the US, and will be released in the UK later this year.

Here’s the video to ‘Evil’. Enjoy…

Speak soon




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  1. Now this is a choon. Welcome to the world of music blogging.

    I look forward to future releases from you guys.


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