Put Your Fears In Order…

In a darky, dingy and very, very cold room, underneath a railway arch in Newcastle you’ll find a band playing the same, very bad metal riff over and over and over again. In the next dark, dingy and bloody freezing room along you’ll find Mammal Club.

With the latter half of last year spent taking the tentative steps towards their first live appearances and putting the finishing touches to a collection of songs finding a blend between the minimalist genius of Steve Reich, Battles, Broken Social Scene, Sparks and dare I say Hot Chip they’re in a pretty good place.  That fact that Wilson (frontman of the band, not the fictional, football shaped character from the Tom Hanks’ classic ‘Castaway’) has a rather splendid voice doesn’t go unnoticed either. Some would say it’s ‘mint’, others may say it’s ‘canny good’, but we’re gonna settle on ‘beautiful’…

With a single coming this summer, hunched over a laptop in Common yesterday we heard the results of the early sessions… It’s sounding mega!!! We’d love to give you a listen, but you’re gonna have to wait.

But as we’re not complete arseholes here’s a little taster of ‘Put Your Fears In Order’, that is currently gracing their myspace page




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