you are a radar detector…

We had a little trip to London this week, which was exciting. It is true what people say though, the streets really are paved with gold, and selected ranges at Greggs really are 51% more expensive than at the one across the road from us in Manchester. Anyway, as well as being privy to these revelations, we saw a few friends, had a few laughs, and managed to catch Darwin Deez at his album launch at The Black Heart in Camden – definitely our new favourite bar in the area! (it was wierd actually, it’s the first time I’ve ever stepped out of Camden Town tube station and not been welcomed by those three little words… ‘skunk? weed? hash?’)

Anyway, Darwin Deez. We love his record. Lofi indie pop at it’s very finest if you ask us, and as you can imagine we were very excited to be seeing him live for the very first time. After a shakey start with the sound, by time the set had reached ‘Radar Detector’ via the beautiful ‘Bed Space’, and the disco edit dance routines, the room was little less than a ball of excitement bouncing off every wall! Most definitely a soundtrack to the summer me thinks…




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