world unite…

With the opening ceremony only a matter of hours away this blog was planned to be centred around the World Cup, how I think England will (or more that I refuse to accept that England won’t win), and how Guy knows that Spain will walk away with it… But over the past few days we’ve been reading a lot of articles about a certain band that have made us stop and think… That band is World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation (or WU LYF – yes, pronounced Woo Life – for short). The much talked about band that everyone seemingly loves to hate….

So Manchester’s WU LYF have been on the tip of many a tongue for some time now, but it was whilst reading through one message board in particular that we felt the need to say something.

WU LYF first really popped up towards the end of 2009, and aside from a few MP3’s knocking around blogs,  cool imagery and visuals everything else has been left to world to piece together. Without displaying a will to flood us with any further information about themselves, and an ‘apparent’ deliberate attempt to not ‘conform’ has dubbed them a ‘mystery band’, with the scurry to find any dirt creating this so called ‘hype’ around them. Something that seems to have insight immense hatred into music snobs far and wide.

Why are people angry? All you need to know is that WU LYF have not created the hype, all they have done kept quiet. It is your/our own thirst for ‘something new’ that has created it for them. It’s a nice reflection on society when an ‘unsigned’ artist has been built up and knocked down before they’ve even released any material. Are people really that fickle to write something off before really knowing anything about it? And have people grown so arrogant to feel they have a right to all the information they desire?

A lot has been made of ‘who they might be’ and ‘who they might be managed by’ but is too much think that they possibly care enough about their art that they want their music to be more than just one of the fifty mp3’s you’ll download from blogs today?

Well we’re proud to say that we like WU LYF. Muscially the ideas are great, and their marriage of sound and vision feels exciting, relevant, and is a refreshing change to what has become a market dictated by derivative drool. We’re lucky enough to have seen the band live on a number of occasions, and yes, the gigs weren’t in a conventional venue, and yes there was more going on than just the music, but is there something wrong with making each gig feel like something special? Surely that’s what every single music festival has been trying to do for years? But now bringing a slightly fresher approach to the rather boring and archetypal process of consuming live music is the band ‘refusing to play any venue other than An Outlet’… Seeing it all in the flesh you soon realise that the much talked ‘pretence’ is actually non-existent. It’s just a group of young lads doing want they want, and loving it! It’s the first time we’ve been at gig, in quite a while, where it’s felt like there’s actually something happening beyond the music.

I might be wrong. Maybe they are a bunch of total arseholes that are going out of their way to piss people/you/us off, or maybe they’re actually just a band doing something different in a time when music has become diluted, and dare I say overconsumed. Yes, on occasions maybe they have played up to what people think they are, but is there something wrong with wanting to do something differently and question the norm?

Perhaps everyone is just a little bit bored with what WU LYF are doing, or maybe they’re just gutted they didn’t have the balls to think of it first.

The only truly sad thing about this whole argument is that nobody ever really talks about the music…

Well enjoy this.

Happy World Cup Everyone.




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3 responses to “world unite…

  1. Interesting piece there. They’re like your first girlfriend who had strong Christian’s as parents – you’re incredibly intrigued to see what’s underneath but she just won’t put out.

    So you sack her off and go for the class bike.

    But ultimately feel you missed out on the star prize as the bike then goes on to have several kids in her teens whilst the good Christian girl gets a powerful, yet respectable city job after getting a first at Oxbridge and blossoming into a beautiful woman who, now she’s confident within herself and realised her parents views are misguided and not for her, is an adventurous lover with her athletically built and ultimately more successful than you fiancée.

    Yeah, it’s just like that.

  2. bob jones

    i havent read many people slagging them off. and ive searched them. a lot.

    • To be honest I think you’re right. Over the past few weeks we’ve had so many conversations with people being negative about the band, and showing a complete change of opinion from a few months ago that we just got a little pissed off. At the end of the day they’re a very promising band and that’s all that should matter.

      Thanks for reading the post.


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