toward you with lust…

Firstly we’d like to apologise for being a little aloof over the past few weeks. We didn’t even go to Glastonbury so we’ve got no excuses really… The World Cup has simply taken us by storm. We’ve found ourselves constantly watching football, in between spouts of ripping miniature England flags from the cars of the unsuspecting motorist, which left us little time to tell you about exciting music we’ve been listening to.

It’s a good job that we’re coming back with a bang then, eh?… We’ve got a few pieces of very exciting Mammal Club related news for you. The first of which regards their forthcoming single ‘Four’. The song has been in the hands of Canadian producer Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Fury Animals etc etc) who has been working his magic. We had a little listen to how things were coming along last week and it’s sounding very exciting indeed!

The second piece of Mammal Club news regards a new demo we heard over the weekend, ‘Toward You With Lust‘. Recorded by Wilson, on his own, in his bedroom, it shows a much more mellow, pensive side to the band. A fine example of what is to come from them…




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