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old world…

So we put up our little mixtape a little while back and there were a few tunes on there that struck quite the chord with some of you. One in particular kept coming back around, and in recent weeks has been getting the support it deserves from the people in the know at specialist radio across the UK. The song is Old World by The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, and so here it is in its entirirty…


This tune is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Royal Variety’, out on Jack To Phono later this year.




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from us to you…

it might have taken us twice as long as we said it would to put together, but we’ve finally put the finishing touches to our first mixtape ‘from us to you’. It’s probably pushing it calling it a mixtape, maybe more a collection of songs we’ve put together to share with you, like a teenage boy desperately trying to impress his other half….

We’ve pressed up 100 limited cassette version that you be able to find lingering around from next monday….

So, we’re proud to present…

Tracklisting is…

1. Seal Cub Clubbing Club – Old World

2. LESANDS – Easy To Please

3. Sun Drums – Old Machine

4. Matador – Sketches

5. Mammal Club – Towards You With Lust

6. Council, Alaska – Interlude

7. Weird Era – Summer Heights

8. Paul Thomas Saunders – Dementia, Depression, Pyschosis, Blues

9. YoungHusband – Constantly In Love

10. Slow Motion Shoes – Old Ties


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